June 30, 2009

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World’s Sexiest Woman Megan Fox thinks that she scares away men because they rarely try their luck with her.

The Transformers star, 23, said that she was not an easy catch for guys, and preferred to make that known.

“They’re terrified of me. They’re frightened,” the Sydney Morning Herald quoted her as saying.

“I think it’s the energy I give off. I’m not the dainty flower, I’m not the lily they can come and try and woo. That’s not me.

“I am in control at all times and guys don’t like that,” she added.

Calling her ‘Gorgeous’, ‘Elegant’, ‘Beautiful’ etc…will be like holding a torch before the blazing sun! We are indeed talking about Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who, besides being the Bollywood superstar and eternal Miss World et al, is the current ‘power-cover-girl’ of Verve magazine.

This is one issue which can be rightly called as ‘The Collector’s Edition’ as it features the Top 50 Most Influential Women of 2009. And needless to say that it is none other than Bollywood’s dearest darling Aishwarya topping the list. In her interview to the magazine, Ash speaks about the number game, her ‘salary’, her marriage, Hollywood, her father’s recovery, Padma Shri and much more

Moving companies

June 8, 2009

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Animation music

June 6, 2009

Animation is slowly making its way into the desi music industry with musicians (especially indie-artistes) opting for animated visual representation of their compositions (especially when released as singles). Music connoisseurs would know that though this model of music video production has always been musicians’ trusted friend (especially in the West), it remains a virgin territory for Indian musicians as far as its uniqueness is concerned.

The earliest example of animation in music goes back to Walt Disney’s The Skeleton Dance in 1929, and it was later followed by stalwarts from different eras including The Beatles (Elanor Rigby in 1966), Phil Collins, Elton John to Gorillaz and Korn to name just a few. Today, Indian musicians (such as Them Clones, Dhruv Ghanekar and Ashutosh Phatak of Smoke, Avial) are relying on the formula preferred by many bigwigs of the industry and have released their singles with animated videos in the market with popular channels airing them on demand.

“It is a great thing to do when the market is down. An animated video helps in cost-cutting as one doesn’t need a team and things can be taken care of single-handedly. Moreover, it doesn’t have any post-production hassles,” says Abhinav Tripathi, who designed the animated video of Them Clones’ first single My Life.

Another advantage of having an animated video is that it gives more space to musicians as well as animators to stretch their level of imagination. Says Pentagram and Shaair ‘n’ Func’s Randolph Correia, “The best part about animated videos is that you can go beyond reality to explain certain emotions that the musician wants to put across to his listeners. I think it gives liberty to justify certain themes which otherwise would be difficult to portray.” However, according to Randolph, having an animated video doesn’t always helps in cost-cutting. “Unless someone is doing it at home, producing an animated video can be expensive. Especially if you intend to make it 3D, the studios along with animators might charge you a lot, let alone post production,”

Glamorous namitha

June 6, 2009

Tamil actress Namitha has no qualms in working with older heroes like Sharat Kumar and Sathyaraj in Tamil. She made her debut in Kannada films with Neelakanta where she teamed up with ‘Crazy Star’ Ravichandran. Namitha had no qualms in wearing glamorous and revealing outfits in the film where all the songs were shot by Ravichandran himself. Then Namitha showed some skin in her second Kannada film Indra in the Gum Gum Gumthaare song where in she was danced with Darshan.

Namitha delighted her fans by wearing a bikini for the Tamil and Telugu versions of Billa. Now this superhit flick is being remade in Kannada and is being produced by Dinesh Gandhi who has made Veera Madakari recently. Dinesh Gandhi says that Ravichandran will be the hero while Meera Jasmine and Namitha have been paired opposite him.