Beijing olympics 2008

July 31, 2008

With just over a week to go before the start of the 2008 Olympic Games, China will be seeking to avoid a repeat of the embarrassing drugs scandals that have become a regular feature of sports competitions.

The sheer volume of drug tests will be higher than ever, new technologies are in place and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has promised that the anti-doping regime at the 2008 Games which start next week will be the toughest yet.

Jiang Zhixue, Director of the General Science and Education Department at Chinese Olympic Committee, said at a conference on Wednesday (July 30) that they were taking all measures possible to make sure there was no repeat of previous embarrassments.

Chinese sports officials have repeatedly said they would rather win no gold medals in Beijing than suffer the embarrassment of a single positive test. But the country’s own record shows both the progress and failures in the fight against doping.

The number of domestic tests in China has risen hugely from 165 in 1990 to 10,238 last year, according to China’s Olympic Committee.

It has also tightened regulations following a series of scandals in the 1990s that marred the reputation of its athletes.

Zhao Jian, Deputy Director for the Chinese National Anti-doping Agency, explained the comprehensive system for testing Chinese athletes.

When the curtain closes on Beijing some 4,500 tests will have been conducted, a 25 percent increase on Athens, with the top five athletes and two random finishers in every competition undergoing tests.

For the first time, kits will be available to test for the banned human growth hormone (HGH) and under an IOC regulation passed in June, anyone found guilty of a serious doping infraction will miss out on the 2012 Games in London.

Wu Moutian, Deputy Director of China Anti-doping Agency, said China had received praise from the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA) for its high-standards in it’s testing for HGH in Chinese athletes.

WADA rules mete out a two-year ban for a first offence and a life ban on the second. But China has recently enacted punishment guidelines that are far tougher than the WADA code, handing out life bans for athletes and their coaches for positive drug tests.

In the last month it has banned two athletes for life for doping — top backstroke swimmer Ouyang Kunpeng and wrestler Luo Meng, along with their coaches.


Global warming

Global warming as most of us know is becoming a serious threat for the whole world. For those who don’t know what global warming is, here is just a brief explanation about it. But before going deep into what global warming is, you just have to know what green house effect is.

Many chemical compounds found in the Earth’s atmosphere act as “greenhouse gases.” These gases allow sunlight to enter the atmosphere freely. When sunlight strikes the Earth’s surface, some of it is reflected back towards space as infrared radiation (heat). Greenhouse gases absorb this infrared radiation and trap the heat in the atmosphere. Over time, the amount of energy sent from the sun to the Earth’s surface should be about the same as the amount of energy radiated back into space, leaving the temperature of the Earth’s surface roughly constant. Many gases exhibit these “greenhouse” properties. Some of them occur in nature (water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide), while others are exclusively human-made (like gases used for aerosols).This heating up of the earth’s atmosphere is essential to make the earth warm and livable. But the problem is this thin layer of green house gases is being thickened by global warming pollutants. This thickening of green house gas layer causes more outgoing infrared radiations to be trapped thereby increasing the average temperature of the earth. This is called Global Warming.

Oceans and seas are not exceptions from global warming. Ocean’s temperature also does get increased. Why am I emphasizing on ocean’s increase in temperature is, most of us don’t know the fact that warmer oceans causes more and stronger storms (this is the main reason for many hurricanes which recently hit United states of America such as Hurricane Katrina, Jeanne, Ivan, Frances, etc.) these are not only restricted to America but even Japan, Caribbean and Brazil are also victims of some hurricanes caused due to global warming.

A simple relation for global warming is, when there is more carbon di oxide in atmosphere, the earth’s temperature gets warmer because it traps more infrared radiations

Global warming increases evaporation from water bodies and sucks the water from bare land dramatically with increase in atmospheric temperature. Lake Chad in Africa, one of the largest lakes in the world few decades back has now almost dried to nothing. One of the main reasons for this is Global warming.

Another shocking fact is that the arctic ice caps are melting drastically due to global warming. Nearly 40% of the thickness for arctic ice caps has melted in the last four decades and major studies show that in another 60 to 70 years the arctic ice will melt completely in summer. You may now ask two questions 1. How does such a huge ice melt so quickly within 60 to 70 years.?? 2. Why should we bother about arctic ices?? Here it is for the first question. The ocean currents and the wind currents help in distributing the heat from equator to the arctic ice cap thereby keeping the earth’s temperature warm. Ice caps normally reflect 90% of the sun’s radiation and absorb only 10% of the heat. Whereas water absorbs 90% of sun’s radiation and reflects only 10% of heat. So as the surrounding water gets warmer it speeds up the melting of ice. If this happens, the giant mirror gets completely vanished which then will not be there to keep the earth warmer.

Green land ice is also melting fast and nearly half of Greenland is expected to melt soon if this situation prevails further. If green land broke up and melted or half of Greenland and half of arctic ice cap break and melt then the average sea level gets increased which can cause drowning of most parts of many countries in world. Some countries which are expected to be affected are San Francisco, Florida, Netherlands, Beijing, Shanghai, East Bangladesh and West Bengal. There will not be any surprise if this happens in the next 50 year period.

Carbon emission per person in different countries vary. United States of America tops the list with 5.6 tons of carbon emission per person per year followed by Russia, Europe and Japan with 2.72, 2.4 and 2.4 respectively. India is at 6th position with 0.25 tons of carbon emission/person/year.

Carbon emission per country is also measured which says U.S tops the list with 5.47 Billion metric tons of carbon emission/ year followed by Europe, China and Russia with 3.25, 2.89 and 1.42 Billion metric tons. India stands 6th here too with 0.91 billion metric tons.

Its time to wake up. After analysing all the facts its still not fair to keep us from taking any preventive measures. For this purpose only Kyoto protocol has been introduced.

The Kyoto Protocol is a protocol to the international Framework Convention on Climate Change with the objective of reducing greenhouse gases that cause climate change.

It was adopted on 11 December 1997 by the 3rd Conference of the Parties, which was meeting in Kyoto, and it entered into force on 16 February 2005. As of June 2008, 182 parties have ratified the protocol. Of these, 36 developed cg are required to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the levels specified for each of them in the treaty with three more countries intending to participate. One hundred and thirty-seven (137) developing countries have ratified the protocol, including Brazil, China and India, but have no obligation beyond monitoring and reporting emissions. The United States has not ratified the treaty yet.

It’s high time to take some actions to reduce the carbon emission and fight for our earth against global warming.

Some suggestions to prevent global warming:

Reduce your carbon emission

Buy energy efficient appliances

If u can buy a hybrid car.. When you can walk or ride a bicycle.. Where u can use light rail and mass transit

Tell your parents not to ruin the world that you will live in

If you are a parent, join with your children to save the world they live in.

Switch to renewable sources of energy

Call your power company to see if they offer green energy, if they don’t ask them why not.

Vote for leaders who pledge to solve this crisis.

Plant trees…. Lots of trees.

Speak up in your community

Cal radio shows and write newspapers.

Update On PPF Interests

July 10, 2008

Employees Provident Funds & Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952


Government on Saturday, 5th July 2008 approved the proposal of bringing industries with ten or more employees under the ambit of Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF) against the earlier limit of twenty or

More workers

A high-level meeting of board members of central provident fund chaired by Union Labour Minister Oscar Fernandes decided that the industries with ten or more employees will have to contribute towards the EPF accounts from now on.

“The ceiling for the industries has been revised and now any industry with ten or more employees will have to deduct EPF money of the employees,” Union Labour Minister Oscar Fernandes said.

Currently, ONLY Schedule industries with twenty or more employees are covered under the ambit of EPF. Now as per new directions any Industry or Establishment or Commercial Establishment or Factory or Charitable Institute or Education Institute or Shop or IT Establishment or Research Centers employing more than 9 employees will be covered under the EPF Act.

Regardless of your actual IQ score, you can make others believe that you are highly intellectual, and here are four simple ways to do it.

First impressions really do count. Unfortunately, it is human nature to make quick judgments. However, with a little careful planning you can also turn this to your advantage. Do others have the impression that your IQ is way above average, or are they thinking, ‘Well, he/she is definitely NOT the sharpest tool in the shed!’ Regardless of your actual IQ score, you can make others believe that you are highly intellectual and here are four simple ways to do it.

1. Speak Rarely
A person who just can’t keep a lid on it doesn’t really give the impression of being intelligent. Oftentimes that person will just blurt out what’s on his or her mind without really thinking. In fact, that person probably enjoys hearing the sound of his or her own voice. Just consider that a simple nod of the head can mean ten words. No need to make a production just to get a point across. By keeping your mouth shut, you will convey a sense of serenity and wisdom. Intelligence begins with as little words uttered as possible…

2. Listen Intently
This tip is a continuation of the first point. You’re probably used to using grunts and unintelligible words to show your interlocutor you haven’t fallen asleep. Sounds such as “Hunh”, “hmm”, yeah”, “ah” are not words, so drop them from your vocabulary. Instead, replace your profound interjections with the more intelligible “I see”, “yes, of course”, “in fact” or “I agree”. By using these terms, you are expressing your deep understanding of his or her monologue. Using interjections give the impression that you are actually learning something new. By expressing yourself properly, you are conveying the message that you fully grasp what is being said, and that no further explanation is necessary.

3. Avoid Answering Questions
If a conversation veers towards a more cultural or current events aspect, you will no doubt be asked to share your views (“Did you watch the news?”). If you have applied the two points mentioned above correctly, there is a strong chance your intellectual demeanor will receive your interlocutors’ rapt attention… You will answer in the same sparsely worded manner. Lift your gaze casually and say something like: “The issue was well addressed”. This is a perfect way to focus their attention on something they will be less eager to bring up in conversation, for fear of looking like fools. Generally speaking, only give information that you master completely and only speak when spoken to.

4. Keep Your Love Of Sports To A Minimum
A person gifted with wit is not usually enthralled with sports or other such “brainless activities”. Nevertheless, nothing should prevent you from knowing a little about it, especially if you use it as a metaphor. Using expressions that contain sporting terms shows that the speaker enjoys a certain degree of sharpness and smarts. For example, if you wish to say that you have worked or done more than necessary, use the idiom “to be ahead of the game”. “To carry the ball” implies to be responsible for a project or a business deal. In basketball terms, a “slam dunk” is a decisive action that was easy to accomplish. Why not a boxing term for example? To “throw in the towel” means to give up, to not pursue an objective. Do not forget, sprinkling expressions or English idioms into your conversations shows that you possess a theoretical mind and tact for analyzing a situation. These are indicative of a creative and witty mind.

If not all of this works and you still wish to appear intelligent then a simple solution is to mingle with idiots. At least in this way you may be the smartest of the batch!