November 10, 2008


The “Gladiator” star is set to take on the roles of both the Sheriff of Nottingham and the generous thief in Ridley Scott’s upcoming big-screen adaptation of the classic English folk tale, but won’t be donning the garments traditionally associated with the story.

Russell – who will star opposite Sienna Miller in the movie – said: “I will not wear tights because according to our research they weren’t invented for another 300 years. I apologize to you all – and to Sienna.”

Russell, 44, also insists he would never have taken on the role if he didn’t believe it would be the best version of the story ever seen.

He added: “The world doesn’t need a mundane version of ‘Robin Hood.’ If we’re going to do it, we need to kick some serious butt.”

“I spent 10 months just reading ‘Robin Hood’ books – the history, the mythology, the original ballads, the legend – and then you’ve got 100 years of cinematic history as well.”

“So this has got to be the best one ever done, otherwise I should be doing something else.”


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