Advance Happy New Year

December 31, 2008

So the year 2008 is about to get over and 2009 is about get started. May this year bring treasure and joy to each and everyone inthe world. Lets hope to see a new world with no wars, no fights, no betrayals and no diasters both manual and natural disasters. lets all hope that god will be with each one of us. all guys have a great year ahead. wish you all success in all your future endeavors.


Page Rank Update

December 31, 2008

Page Rank update has come. All bloggers would definitely know about page rank. Its nothing but a rank which is given to all blogs by google. It varies between 0 to 10. This time many of my friends didnt get the expected rank and am not exception in that. yes i also didnt get the rank what i expected. thank god that atleast i retained PR 3 for this blog. Now i really doubt whether all blogger got less rank in this update or is this the case prevailing for our group alone.. kindly share your thoughts also.

Lyrics of Muthai Thiru song

December 31, 2008

Did u guys heard “Muthai thiru” song which was sung by T.M.Soundarrajan.? Those who have not heard try to hear it. Those who have heard it knows about the greatness of this song. the pace of the song and T.M.S’s voice brings lot of beauty to this song. i searched a lot for the lyrics of this song and finally got. now i would like to share it with u all. You guys also sing the song with our legen T.M.S. Comment me if u find this song useful.

mutthai tharu patthi thirunakai
atthukkiRai satthi saravaNa
mutthikkoru vitthu guru para ena Othum

mukkat para maRku suruthiyin
muRpattathu kaRpith- thiruvarum
muppatthu muvarkkath- thamararum adi pENa

patthuth- thalai thatthak kaNaithodu
otRaig- giri matthaip poruthoru
pattap- pakal vattath- thikiriyil iravaaka

patthaRkira thatthaik kadaviya
pacchaippuyal mecchath thaku poruL
patshatthodu rakshith tharuLvathum oru naaLE

thitthitheya otthap paripura
nirttha paDam vaitthup bayiravi
Dikkotka nadikkak kazhuvodu kazhuthaada

Dikkup pari attap bayiravar
thokkutthoku thokkuth thokuthoku
chithrappavurikkuth thrikadaka ena Otha

kotthup paRai kottak kaLamisai
kukku kukuk kukukuku
kutthip puthai pukkup pidiyena muthukookai

kotputRezha natpatR avuNarai
vetti baliyittuk kulagiri
kutthup pada otthup poravala perumaaLE

My TV Options

December 31, 2008

One of my friends was extremely confused in choosing TV for him. He enquired and searched a lot in web and decided to get Direct TV. He came up to me asking for help in finding which provider to choose. He called up so many people who gave him attractive offers but there were hidden costs also in it which was revealed only when he went in person.

When I tried searching for him in web I found this excellent website Wow, what a great website. They have designed the website superbly which easily and quickly finds out the needs of customers. We can customize the TV according to our needs. Whether we want sports channel, or music channel, high definition channels, local channels and whatever it is, we can select them and accordingly they will suggest us a direct tv.

They even have a selection option which classifies according to the area you stay and you can choose your area and they will give the contact number immediately. The major plus point about this website is they dont have any hidden cost so customers need not be afraid of approaching them. My TV options also gives some offers at times. If we call them within 10 minutes we can get free shipping. So for all who still don’t know where to go for a Direct TV connection, here it is at your door steps. Within just 10 minutes one can easily get the connection they want. Go for it.!!!!


Brad Pitt has saved Christmas for 150 American families.

The “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” star spent more than $4.5 million rebuilding 150 New Orleans homes destroyed by Hurricane Katrina – just in time for the festive season.

Gloria Guy – a 69-year-old grandmother who lost her house, pets and eldest son in the 2005 storm – said the 44-year-old star has built her a dream house.

She said: “I am so happy I don’t know what to do with myself. I thank God for Brad Pitt.”

The actor – who bought a villa in the city’s French Quarter with partner Angelina Jolie in 2006 – funded 150 eco-houses as part of the Make It Right program. He plans to build more in the New Year.

Brad said: “It’s not just housing, it’s homes. It’s where people created families, took their kids to school, where those kids took their first steps and played with their friends. These people don’t want handouts, but they’ve suffered a great injustice.”

The actor – who raises six children with Angelina – has also been generous with his time, visiting the families he has helped.

Gloria said: “He’s been round to see me twice, and Angelina visited with two of the children.”

Film festival in Chennai

December 28, 2008

The three day long International film festival is set to begin at Chennai on Sunday, 28th December. Nineteen international films will be screened at the event. Seventh Channel which produces films and television serials conducts this film festival every year. Unity, brotherhood, children and respect to environment are the topics on which the festival will focus. The inaugural function is scheduled to be held at the film chamber’s auditorium at 3 PM on Sunday. Films made in France, Poland, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Italy and Argentina will be screened. The festival will conclude on Tuesday after the awards ceremony.

Having a pet may make it a bit easy for college students to handle stressful situations, according to a study.

While previous studies have already suggested that pets can improve the quality of life for those ageing or chronically ill, the latest study from Ohio State University focused on whether owning a cat or a dog can prove beneficial for college students.

The study involved a survey of students and other adults, and showed that nearly 25 percent of college goers believed their pets helped them get through difficult times in life.

The surveyors found that students owning at least one dog, one cat, or a combination of the two were less likely to report feeling lonely and depressed.

Such students also attributed these beneficial effects to their beloved pets.

Sara Staats, lead author of the study and professor emeritus of psychology at Ohio State’s Newark Campus, said that the new findings suggested that even younger, healthier young adults could benefit from living with animals.

“We might not think of college students as being lonely, but a lot of freshman and sophomores are in an early transition from living at home to living in dorms or off-campus. College is a very stressful environment for them and sometimes they can feel isolated or overwhelmed with the change,” she said.

“We found that a lot of young adults are choosing to have an animal companion for important reasons. Many feel their pets will help get them through these difficult and stressful situations, and many more say that without their pet, they would feel lonely,” she added.

An article on the study has been published in the journal Society and Animals.