Mahesh Saranya Mattrum palar Movie Review

December 6, 2008


Starring: Sakthi Vasu, Sandhya, Keerthi Chawla, Saranya Mohan

Direction: P.V. Ravi

Music: Vidyasagar

Production: C. T. Senbagakumar

Debutant P V Ravi, a former associate of Lingusamy, has chosen the much tried path of romance, relationships and family sentiments in his uniquely titled venture Mahesh Saranya Mattrum Palar produced by Cool Productions. Unfortunately, the film fails to sustain the response elicited by the title in its content.

Mahesh’s (Sakthi) family is a big, beautiful one with many relations staying in perfect harmony with each other at Kumbakonam. He is very fond of his younger sister Keerthana (Saranya Mohan) with whom he shares an excellent rapport. Keerthana is to be united in holy matrimony and the bridegroom has been approved by all the members of the family. However, Keerthana would give a nod to the marriage only after her brother Mahesh approves of the bridegroom and for this purpose Mahesh comes to Kumbakonam from Chennai where he is studying.

Mahesh sees the bridegroom and gives his consent and the marriage preparations are in full swing. Meanwhile he starts narrating to Keerthana about how he accidentally met Saranya (Kadhal Sandhya), a stage singer, and fell in love with her. Slowly the entire family comes to know of Mahesh’s love.

Twin weddings are fixed on the same day – one for Keerthana and the other is for her bridegroom’s sister (Keerthi Chawla). On the

day of the marriage, Keerthi Chawla’s fiancé runs away and the mantle unwittingly falls on Mahesh who is asked to marry Keerthi but he refuses to do so. This has a cascading effect on the wedding of Keerthana which is called off. The climax deals with whether Mahesh’s love succeeds, whether he gets married to Saranya or not and what happens to Keerthana.

Director Ravi should have worked much harder in the scenes which depict the relationship between the brother and sister. The love sequence between the lead pair is very superficial, namesake and do not make an impact at all. For Sakthi who made his screen debut through Thottal Poo Malarum, has tried to better his previous performance. Sandhya seems to be totally forlorn. Comedy efforts by Santhanam fall flat. Music by Vidyasagar is ordinary.

The director, in his attempt to do something new, has completely lost track.

Verdict – Mahesh, Saranya Mattrum Palar – one among others


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