Kanthaswamy getting Delayed

December 16, 2008

Refuting all reports that Kanthaswamy is getting delayed because of a rift between Vikram and him, director Susi Ganesan said that these are just baseless rumors. Gossipmongers also have it that Susi Ganesan had a rift with the producers too. The director, speaking to a Behindwoods correspondent, lambasted those who has made those statements to the media, as those who have nothing better to do than to spread rumors.

On the delay of Kanthaswamy, the director said that Vikram will be appearing as a female in the film and hence his make up and costume selection requires a lot of time. This is one of the reasons for the delay, he added.

Susi Ganesan mentioned that wherever the team went for shooting, the place experienced heavy rainfall. This is true from their shooting in Mexico to the villages in Tamil Nadu. He said that this is a good indicator that the film will become a runaway success.

Kanthaswamy’s computer graphics work may take another three months to be completed. He signed off saying that in all probability the film will hit the screens on April 14th.


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