December 18, 2008


Eva Mendes wants to appear in a PETA advert naked with Morrissey.

The stunning Latino actress wants to team up with the outspoken vegetarian singer to raise awareness of animal rights and is prepared to bare all in front of Morrissey.

Eva – who has stripped off for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) before – said: “I really want to do a PETA ad with Morrissey, I’d be happy to do it naked if need be.”

“I’ve done a lot of work with them and I know Morrissey is a big supporter of PETA, so here’s hoping!”

The “The Spirit” star – who is a huge fan of Morrissey’s former band The Smiths – is hoping the “Meat Is Murder” singer will return the favor and go nude as well.

She added: “Whether Morrissey would want to get naked with me is another question. Maybe he could come up with something more creative than out-and-out nudity.”

Eva, 34, admits she has had a crush on Morrissey, who has often stated he is celibate, since she first discovered The Smiths’ music.

The actress – who is dating producer George Gargurevich – revealed: “When he sings it’s poetry in motion to me. It completely speaks to me. I love Morrissey, but I don’t think I’d want to marry him.”


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