Dindigul Sarathy Movie Review

December 22, 2008


Starring: Karunaas, Karthika, Saranya, Livingston, M S Bhaskar, Periyar Dasan, Manobala, Mayilsamy, Shanumuga Rajan

Direction: Siva Shanmugan

Music: Dhina

Production: Dream Towers

OK, for once we have a movie that can truly vouch for its distinctness. There are movies releasing every Friday that claim to be different, but this is one that wee all will have to agree is different. Like it or not is another matter. It is a remake of the Malayalam hit ‘Vadakkunokki Yanthram’, scripted and directed by Sreenivasan nearly two decades back.

Dindigul Sarathy marks the debut of Karunas as the hero, but not the regular hero. He handles the lead character which is as far from Kollywood’s hero concepts as it can get. Dindigul Sarathy deals with one man’s inferiority complex. One cannot recollect any movie that has dealt in so much detail with one man’s feeling of being a lesser mortal amongst his taller and fair skinned fellow beings.

Sarathy is an ordinary man. By ordinary, one means as ordinary as a person can get. Karuna’s appearance is of prime importance here. Short stout and dark skinned, he considers himself the antithesis of the good looking man and tries in vain many ways to improve his appearance, especially his complexion. But it is his complex that grows instead. He gets married, much to his delight, to a beautiful lady played by Karthika (Nam Naadu fame). Sarathy can’t believe his luck and at the same time gets the feeling that what has happened is too good to be true. His mind

starts playing games as he gets more and more desperate to know whether his wife really loves him. He suspects every other man who is taller or fairer to be eyeing his wife and lives in perpetual mental trauma. When the doubts start assailing him no end, he resorts to spying on his house to check his wife’s activities. Slowly he starts earning the wrath of everyone around him, his loved ones start leaving him, unable to stand his behaviour. It takes time before people realize that he has lost his mental balance. Does he come out a reformed man?

Dindigul Sarathy is a story that can be narrated in a few lines, but it is the screenplay that is important here. It contains all the antics and supposedly ingenious techniques devised by Sarathy to impress his wife and then later to spy on her. The film is full of such instances, many of which are amusing while some are not so. There is a particular incident where Sarathy’s wife says that she is a huge fan of Ajith. The doubting Sarathy immediately starts suspecting her associations with Ultimate Star. It was a joke that starts off well but is eventually stretched too far. There are also quite a few instances where Sarathy is quite vocal in his doubts about his wife’s loyalty which can put off quite a few family audiences.

The movie has a few songs, the original had only one. One can understand that the director had commercial compulsions to comply with, but he might have added one song too many. The ‘Dindigul Dindigul’ song that was used in the promo too makes an appearance and in general, all songs are thoroughly commercial masala numbers, Dhina has done a neat job. Karunas comes up with a polished performance in a role that suits him to perfection. He couldn’t have made a better choice. The surprise packet however is heroine Karthika who makes use of the given opportunity wonderfully, she is apt for the role. In Karunas’ presence, you wouldn’t generally require another comic artiste, but M.S. Bhaskar appears in a very amusing role as a budding philosopher who keeps advising Sarathy about life, actually creating more problems for him. Nasser makes a neat cameo at the climax.

Overall, Dindigul Sarathy is a product that comes out only once. Its distinctness is its defining strength, but it has got its commercial limitations at the box office. But the director’s (Sivashanmugam) decision to add a few elements for the fun loving audience might help it put up a brave fight. Looking at the quality of movies that are currently in theaters, Dindigul Sarathy has got its chances.

Verdict – Dindigul Sarathy– definitely different


4 Responses to “Dindigul Sarathy Movie Review”

  1. Andy Says:

    Having seen this movie, i must say, the directory and producer must furnish a written apology to all the viewers who have gone through this 3 hours of torture. The so called humour is lame and rubbish ( atleast it didnt evoke my laughter ), and the second half of the movie was fit to be thrown in to the trash can.

    Commmmmmon, I need my money back !!!!!

  2. Deepak Says:

    Horrible movie…. Never ever close to any family movies that were released in the near future…. Some of the scenes where the hero suspecst the heroine are really vulgar, esp. where he suspects his own brother and the heroine’s father…. Never ever go to this movie and get a headache as punishment for going to one….

  3. Sat Says:

    I have never felt a movie so stupid ever in my life. I couldn’t watch beyond 20 mins. This is the first time in my life I couldn’t watch a movie beyond the first 20 mins. Worst movie ever in the name of comedy.

  4. Gary Says:


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