Padikathavan Music Review

January 13, 2009

Produced by B.Barathy Reddy( Vijaya Productions) with story, dialogues and direction done by Suraaj( remember ‘Maruthamalai?’) ,this movie starring Dhanush and the very popular Tamanna has raised a lot of expectations because Sun Pictures( Kalanidhi Maran) is distributing this .Mani Sharma has scored the music for the movie, tuning seven songs. We hear that this movie has shaped up into a racy commercial entertainer with some nice comedy thrown in .Vivek does the comedy part with Suman doing a baddie role. Let us check out the songs now—

Hey Vetri Velaa…
Vocals: Naveen , Ranjith.
Lyrics: Pa.Vijay

A very robust number, being the title song, with infectious inputs from the nagaswaram and percussions. Sung with precise co-ordination by both. Not a very original tune, anyway, but passable. Lists all those who did not complete schooling but shone in life! Has an amusing rap bit before the second charanam.

Kadavulum Khadhalum…
Vocals: Karthik, Harini.
Lyrics: Snehan.

Well done, Snehan! Such dreamy lyrics! And the singers have done full justice to it by way of modulation. Conceived on the Natabairavi scale , this number could have had less strident percussions and less gimmicks on the keys to go with it to bring out the softness of the melody. Good violin bits. The lyrics alone make you want to listen to it again.

Raanki Rangamma…
Vocals: Udit Narayan, Maalathi.
Lyrics: Pa.Vijay.

A speedy telugu-flavoured dance number aimed at titillation, going by the lyrics. Sung with the right amount of gusto by Udit. If the lady singer is the Maalathi we know, then her rich voice has been downplayed here. What makes this song interesting is the fine native percussion combinations offered throughout the song. Small sprinkles from the guitar, flute, keys and sitar add richness. Again the Natabairavi scale.

Hey Rosu, Rosu…
Vocals: Ranjith, Jaey.
Lyrics: Thabu Shankar.

When the song opens we go’ oh no, not another Arabian number’ but the song takes off on a slightly different track, thanks to what appears to be an imaginative use of the Kiravani scale. Seductive lyrics supported by guitars and some real funky piped sounds. Hope the picturization is sensitive.

Appa Amma Vilayattu…
Vocals: Ranjith, Saindhavi.
Lyrics: Snehan

Shockingly crude lyrics from Snehan this time. The song itself seems to want to duplicate the success of ‘Manmadha Raasa’ going by the feel of the number. Some crisp inputs from the guitar and nagaswaram and of course robust rhythms, but you don’t relish it overall.


We are all aware of Dhanush’s dancing prowess and the songs appear to have been composed with an eye on bringing out the best from him in this department. After the delightful number ‘Ennamo Seydhai nee’ from ‘Kadhalna Summa Illai’, one certainly expected better stuff from Mani Sharma. Good use of percussions, though.


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