January 14, 2009


Fergie is reportedly pregnant with twins.

The “Big Girls Don’t Cry” singer – who married “Transformers” star Josh Duhamel in Malibu on Saturday (January 10, 2009) – allegedly told bystanders at Los Angeles International Airport she is already expecting new additions to her family.

Asked if she was planning on having children in the near future, Fergie said: “I’m pregnant with twins.”

The newlyweds gushed about their nuptials as they prepared to board a flight for their honeymoon, with Fergie keen to show off her multiple plain and diamond-studded wedding bands.

A source said: “Fergie said the wedding was amazing before Josh chimed in and added that the wedding was great.”

“Both said they really looked forward to their honeymoon.”

The couple appeared relaxed and happy, waving at fans as they went through airport security.

The couple wed in a private ceremony held at Church Estates Vineyards in Malibu, California.

To keep the ceremony as private as possible, the location of the service was kept secret.

Guests were contacted early on Saturday morning and told to go to a meeting point, from which they were chauffeured to the site of the celebration.

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