How celebrities retain those curvy bodies

January 16, 2009

If you ever wondered what the slim looking celebrities do to maintain those curves, here’s your answer ‘they eat’.

When Eva Mendes, who looked simply dazzling in a strappy silver gown as she received the “Spirit of Elysium” Award, was asked how does she manage to look that great, pat came the reply ‘I eat’.

The ‘Hitch’ actress revealed that sadly she doesn’t have any magic tricks, and she just eats and works to keep that glow intact.

“My family always asks me how I do it and I wish I had a secret, but it’s just about hard work and eating right,” Fox News quoted Eva, as telling Tart.

“But I did enjoy some Cuban food over the holidays, you have to enjoy food,” Eva added.

Other Hollywood actress Sophia Bush too has a similar approach – ‘one should eat fat to lose fat’.

“I’m Italian so I eat a lot of olive oil which is good for the skin they say, and just drink a lot of water,” Bush said.

Meanwhile, Diane Lane, who dazed all with her curvy body in ‘Unfaithful’ even in her 40’s, says she just eats coupled with a little bit of Yoga whenever she gets nervous about achieving the perfect look.

“Being nervous helps (to get in shape). Some people eat when they get nervous but I stop, I just can’t eat when I’m nervous. That’s probably the only way,” Lane said.


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