January 22, 2009

Television has seen a tremendous development development in recent past. Starting from black and white television to the latest LCD television, Its growth is unimaginable. And this growth no way stops at any point of time. Parallel to the television advancements, the service provider of various channels have also developed a lot. Once cable TV was very famous and now the latest buzz is DirecTV.

First when i heard about this DirecTV I thought it is just another way to attract people by providing the same service at higher price. But when I saw the actual quality of the DirecTV in my friend’s house, I was amazed. He got his connection at a discount DirecTV from a website. Then I also went to that website and checked for directv for my home. I came to know that they give many DirecTV offers to their customers if ordered immediately. They have a 15 seconds directv quote where they allow their customers to customize according to their needs and after getting those details they give instant quote.

One can chose sports channels, high definition channels, family channels etc and they will immediately give their quotation based on the selections you have made. Just after completing the 5 step one can order for their DirecTV if satisfied by their plan. People who are searching for best DirecTV deals can go for this. For more information please check their website. Hope you would find this post useful. Cheers.!!!


BHP Billiton will axe 6000 people from its global workforce amid the economic downturn.

The company said today it would cut its 101,000 strong global workforce by about six per cent in response to world-wide economic conditions.

“This is very serious types of decisions and we don’t take them lightly, but at the end they are necessary and they are the correct decisions,” BHP Billiton chief financial officer Alex Vanselow told reporters on a conference call.

BHP Billiton will suspend operations at the Ravensthorpe nickel mine and reduce output at its Mount Keith mine in Western Australia, resulting in the loss of 2100 contractor and employee jobs.

In addition, the company will slash about 550 jobs at Pinto Valley in the US, 200 jobs at the Olympic Dam expansion project in South Australia and 2000 jobs at base metals in Chile.

BHP Billiton has estimated the job cuts will result in a one-off total cost of about $US500 million ($772.6 million).

BHP Billiton is cutting coking coal production in Queensland by about 10 to 15 per cent in response to reduced demand.

“It will be something like four to six million tonnes (per year), our share,” Mr Vanselow told reporters.

There was uncertainty in the medium term outlook, he said.

But BHP Billiton had a strong balance sheet to see out the turmoil in financial and commodity markets, he said.

“The balance sheet allows us to continue investing like we’re doing in iron ore, in petroleum, in other commodities, and we are prepared for, on an opportunistic basis, to look at acquisitions,” Mr Vanselow said.

BHP Billiton today released its second quarter report for the 2009 financial year and delivered an increase in iron ore output but unveiled further writedowns to its nickel business.

Mr Vanselow said the Ravensthorpe nickel mine was not likely to be cash positive in the medium term.

Ever wondered why your husband was able to shed 10 kilos in just two months while you were still trying to get used to dieting? Well, then here’s the answer for you: men are more likely to resist a plate full of tempting treats than women.

That’s the conclusion of a new study, which involved a group of 23 volunteers, and has been published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

In the experiment, the volunteers did not eat for a day and were then asked to suppress all thoughts of food.

When questioned further, the male participants reported fewer hunger pangs and fewer cravings for food.

Then, by using a brain scanner, scientists tried to see if this was backed up by differences in the patterns of brain activation between men and women.

After the men were told to resist their cravings, there was far less activity in regions of the brain called the amygdala, hippocampus, orbitofrontal cortex and striatum, reports the BBC.

The men seemed to do better and brain scans later revealed they had far less activity than the women in a part of the brain linked to desire for food.

The researchers say this ability to “switch off” thoughts of food may explain lower rates of obesity in men.

The researchers wrote: “Lower cognitive control of brain responses to food stimulation in women compared to men may contribute to gender differences in the prevalence rates of obesity and other eating disorders.”

“Men are more single-minded than women and tend to commit themselves more. Women on the other hand are much more concerned with the needs for others around them,” Dr Ian Campbell, medical director of the charity Weight Concern, said.

“The second reason is oestrogen. Women have plently, and men don’t. Oestrogen works to promote weight gain, or resist weight loss, in women and makes it harder for them to lose weight.

“This study demonstrates the need for weight management programmes to recognise the different needs of different genders, ages, and social and cultural backgrounds. The diet that works best, is the one you want to do,” he added

Car Hire in USA

January 21, 2009

Hi. I am planning to visit USA next month. I have a friend over there. He called me last year for a tour but i couldn’t go that time. And now when I have planned to go there unfortunately he is moving out of town for a business trip. Confused on what to do I called him and asked what to do. Thank god he gave me a beautiful idea. He asked me to hire a car through online and gave me the website address. Wow.!! It is a splendid service offered by them. I never thought car rental have been made much easier.

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Modern Furniture

January 21, 2009

Furniture is an essential thing to be there in everyones home. Without furniture a house will not look like a home. We have seen a lot of furniture stores but have we seen a shop where we can buy all our furniture at cheaper price than any stores.?? yes now you can see here. This modern furniture store is having furniture at cheaper price and ordered good can be shipped to any place within US at free of cost. Great isn’t it.?

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Cheap Web Hosting

January 20, 2009

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