Singer Ashanti revealed that she would be walking down the aisle with her beau Nelly this year itself.When asked about her marriage plans, Ashanti was quick to publicly declare that she would marry her beau soon.

“Absolutely. It”s in the cards for me. I believe that I have a couple more things I need to do before that happens.Although Ashanti revealed her marriage plans, she also urged her fans to not believe everything stated.


* Certificate tbc
* Genre
o Action/adventure,
o Kids/family,
o Mystery/suspense,
o Romance,
o Science Fiction/fantasy
* Starring
o Daniel Radcliffe,
o Rupert Grint,
o Emma Watson,
o Alan Rickman,
o Michael Gambon
* Director
o David Yates
* Screenplay
o Steve Kloves
* Studio Warner Bros. Pictures
releasing this July 17th 2009


January 28, 2009

Salma Hayek and Colin Farrell are dating.

The pair sparked rumors of a romance at the recent Golden Globes Awards ceremony, where Colin was seen cradling Salma’s face and locking lips with the stunning actress.

A source said: “He held her face and kissed her several times. It was very intimate, not like they were just pals.”

However, this is not the first time Salma – who has 16-month-old daughter Valentina with ex-partner Francois-Henri Pinault – and Colin have been intimate.

The pair briefly dated while filming 2004 movie “Ask the Dust.”

Salma is said to “adore” the 32-year-old Irish actor – who has previously battled drug addiction – and was left upset when their short-lived romance didn’t work out.

The source added to the National Enquirer magazine: “Colin was in love with her but was too screwed up on alcohol and drugs to make a good boyfriend to her.”

“Now that he’s sober, their chances are much better.”


Patrick Swayze is writing his memoirs.

The 56-year-old “Dirty Dancing” star – who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2008 – is penning an account of his life, together with his wife Lisa, 52.

According to Bill Rotoko, co-creator of Swayze’s latest acting project “The Beast,” the couple are “each other’s rocks.”

Swayze has likened fighting cancer to “going through hell”, and admits the disease makes him angry and scared.

The actor said: “There’s a lot of fear here. Yeah, I’m scared. Yeah, I’m angry. Yeah, I’m asking why me.”

“Yeah, I’m all this stuff. You can bet that I’m going through hell. And I’ve only seen the beginning of it.”

The star “doesn’t know” if he fears death, but admits the prospect has made him question his beliefs.

He explained: “I don’t know what’s on the other side. I like to believe that I’ve got a lot of guardian warriors on my shoulder, including my dad, so I’m trying to shut up and let my angels speak to me and tell me what I’m supposed to do.”

However, following a brief stay in hospital to treat a recent bout of pneumonia, Swayze remains upbeat.

He said: “I am alive and plan on continuing to stay that way.”

Angelina Jolie says her Oscar nomination is ”a privilege beyond any expectation.”

The 33-year-old actress – who has been named in the Best Actress category for her role in “Changeling” – added her year has been “exceptional” and credited the movie’s director Clint Eastwood for helping her gain the Academy Award nod.

She said: “Working with Clint Eastwood was a reward in itself that will last me a lifetime. To receive a nomination from the Academy on top of that is a privilege beyond any expectation.”

“It has been an exceptional year for acting, and I am honored to be in the company of these talented actors whose performances all deserve this recognition.”

Angelina’s partner Brad Pitt – who is up for Best Actor for his part in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” which received a staggering 13 nominations – was equally as thrilled to be up for a prestigious accolade.

He said: “It’s a great honor for the movie. I’m especially happy for Best Director nominee David Fincher, for without him there would be no Ben Button.”

Mickey Rourke said he was “tickled pink” to receive a nod in the Best Actor category for his part in “The Wrestler.” He revealed: “I’m very grateful and appreciative of this incredible honor. I’m tickled pink.”

Anne Hathaway, who will vie with Angelina Jolie – as well as Melissa Leo for “Frozen River,” Meryl Streep in “Doubt” and Kate Winslet for “The Reader” – for the Best Actress prize for her role in “Rachel Getting Married,” said: “It is such a thrill to be recognized in this category with these remarkably talented women.”

“I was with my parents and my dog when I got the news and we were all overjoyed – although I’m not sure my dog knew what was going on! This is a great day to be an actress!”

Kate Winslet was similarly as excited, adding: “I’m extremely happy to have been nominated. And very fortunate. Playing Hanna Schmitz will always remain one of the biggest challenges I’ve ever been blessed with.”

Aishwarya Rai beats Beyonce

January 22, 2009

Eva Mendes has been voted the most desirable woman in the world. India’s Aishwarya Rai Bachchan beat the US pop star Beyonce in the most desirable women’s poll. The poll, which was conducted by the top men’s portal, has Ash in the 48th position whereas Beyonce made it to the 50th position, incidentally the last slot.
Aishwarya Rai

The voters were to select their ideal partner online based on the intelligence, ambition and charisma. Others to have made it to the top 50 list are Anne Hathaway, Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, Heidi Klum and Jessica Alba.

Slumdog Millionaire bags ten nominations for Oscars at a ceremony held at Los Angeles, USA.

Director of the movie Danny Boyle has been nominated in the Best Director category. Screenplay writer Simon Beaufoy has been nominated in the Best Adapted Screenplay category. The movie itself – Slumdog Millionaire
A R Rahman has been nominated in the Best Motion Picture category.

Music director, A.R.Rahman has been nominated for two catergories – Best Original Score & Best Original Song. Two of the songs – ‘Jai ho!’ & ‘O saya’ have been nominated under Best Original Song category.