The BCCI has won round one of its battle against the game’s governing body the ICC. The ICC wanted the BCCI to cancel the Champions League Twenty20 extravaganza but the BCCI has brushed aside the demand. IPL chairman Lalit Modi has announced the dates for the inter-continental tournament in Mumbai Today (July 30).

It’s a divide right down the middle, on one side is Lalit Modi with his vision to revolutionise the world of Cricket and on the other side is the babudom of the International Cricket Council (ICC) trying to pull down the ambitions of the BCCI. The proposed Champions Trophy by the BCCI-led board begins immediately after the ICC Champions Trophy and ends a day before the India-Australia test series. After the rollicking success of IPL, Modi’s Champions League’s vision has met with a roadblock created by the ICC.

ICC’s Media Manager Brian Murgatroyd said, “They are not allowed to have events involving international players in close proximity to an ICC event.” Quoting a clause in the International Cricket Council legislation, ICC says no tournament can be held within 7 days after an ICC event. They also believed that more than a handful international Cricketers were participating in the event which makes IPL equivalent to a world event. However, the BCCI refused to budge saying it’s a domestic tournament on an International scale which barely threatened the parent body.

This is not the first time that BCCI has been at the receiving end of the ICC. It was a shrewd Malcom Speed who had said “I don’t judge a sporting organisation on the basis of by how much money it has. India last won an international cricket event in 1987″ . Then it was the soft spoken Dave Richardson who has found a target in IPL and commented, “It’s a major attraction for book makers. A lot of money is being made in the IPL matches and in that case players will inevitably be approached”.

Now the ICC is threatened by the Champions League, which could pull the Players away and the pressure generated by ICC’s host broadcaster is beginning to tell. However, eventually it’s Modi and men who had the last laugh.

A grand plan was announced with three nations already confirming their participation in the league worth Rs 25 crore with two more team names to be announced later. Pure pressure tactics adopted by the ICC has just not worked and this could only further alienate the already toothless parent governing body.